When is the Best Time to Send an Email Blast?

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best time to send an email blast will depend on your audience and the purpose of the email. The following guidelines may prove helpful, however:

  • Your email blast should be sent during the workday in the recipient's time zone if your audience is located in different time zones. It will increase the likelihood that your email will be read and acted upon.

  • Sending email blasts late at night or on weekends is not recommended, since people are less likely to check their work emails then.

  • The best days for email marketing campaigns are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, since people are more likely to engage with emails at the beginning and middle of the week.

  • Find out what time works best for your audience by testing different send times. Track your email marketing software's analytics to see which send times perform best and how they affect open and click-through rates.

Taking into account your audience's expectations and the content of your email is also important. Whenever possible, it might be best to send out your email promptly if you are sending a time-sensitive announcement or promotion.



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