HTML designers are making a comeback

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We are all aware that HTML and CSS are the most commonly used languages when it comes to building and structuring web pages by website designers. It is more common nowadays for designers to use pre-made templates instead of HTML and CSS to construct their websites, since simple template-based site builders and content management systems are more popular than HTML and CSS. Despite this, HTML designers are returning for several reasons:

  • For the structure and layout of a website, HTML and CSS provide a strong foundation. As template-based website builders become more prevalent, it is easy to lose control over the structure of a website, since templates often have pre-designed structures that cannot be easily modified. Using HTML and CSS to build a website from scratch, designers can customize the structure of the website according to the client's needs.

  • Outside template designers: While template-based website builders are convenient for quickly creating simple websites, they may not be flexible and customizable enough for some designers. On the other hand, HTML designers can create custom designs and layouts that go beyond templates.

  • In contrast to template-based websites, HTML and CSS-based websites can be more easily controlled in terms of security. The reason for this is that templates commonly contain a large number of pre-designed elements and features that are prone to being hacked. By selecting and implementing only the necessary elements and features when designing a website from scratch, web designers can create a more secure website using HTML and CSS.

It has been noted in recent years that custom HTML website designers are making a comeback in the world of website designs. The open design ideas with clients, and ease of edits, makes this a more secure and open environment for design changes on the fly. Therefore, more and more designers are becoming aware of the benefits of using HTML and CSS when designing websites from scratch. When compared to template-based website builders (with limitations in design) HTML designers are more flexible, customizable, and secure.

In my experience as a HTML designer for WebChick, I understand the importance of developing websites from scratch using HTML and CSS. They provide a more flexible and customizable foundation for creating a website's structure and layout when compared to template-based website builders. In order to meet the needs and goals of each client, Web Chick creates custom website designs.

In addition, I am well-versed in ADA/WCAG compliance as well as ARIA accessibility rules for JAWS readers. My skills and knowledge allow me to effectively implement accessibility guidelines into my projects, ensuring that they are accessible to all users.



Story was written by Crissy Devine from Web Chick.
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