LibbyV likes nonprofits


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Libby Villavicencio’s consulting business, LibbyV & Associates, bills itself as “Nonprofit Champions,” and has launched an ongoing series of livestreamed discussions called The Nonprofit Coffee Talk to showcase the work of her guests, but also provide valuable ideas to leaders of small and medium-sized organizations.

After a career in nonprofit organizations, she started LibbyV & Associates in 2016 to help guide leaders of new and established nonprofit organizations, mostly in Central Ohio, with some clients clustered in other states. Most of her work is on strategic planning – helping nonprofits refine their focus or chart a path for growth. Those challenges typically are linked with fundraising strategies, or attracting the right expertise among people serving on the board of directors.

The Coffee Talk livestreams and videos are becoming a sort of public face of LibbyV’s work – even though they’re almost a nonprofit part of her for-profit consulting business.

“What a way to add some value!” she says. In a way it is “business development” that may lead new clients to her. “Even if they don’t become clients, it’s good for my reputation, for exposure – and for the non-profit sector in general,” as viewers can watch for free and get some general advice on non-profit management.

Libby did some similar livestreamed conversations with a friend for a short time several years ago. The current series began last summer and now occurs several Thursdays every month, with guests discussing such topics as fundraising, networking, use of social media, grant-writing, board development, and other topics. She’s open to new guests and new topics, and seeks suggestions at the beginning and end of each program.

Web Chick has updated LibbyV & Associates’ website with “The Nonprofit Coffee Talk” featured on the home page, and made it simple to watch past discussions on Libby’s YouTube channel and to find upcoming Coffee Talk livestreams featured on Facebook: