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The Mighty Hero Homes Foundation, a Georgia-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization devoted to ensuring permanent homes to the 33,000 unhoused U.S. military veterans, is launching an ambitious campaign to raise $100 million in 100 days as part of the ongoing mission to house veterans.

The goal is to secure $100 donations from 1 million people through a network of Patriots and Ambassadors.

Make a one-time donation of $100 or more and you become a Patriot. A Patriot who commits to enlisting at least 10 other donors at the level becomes an Ambassador. 

Mighty Hero Homes was founded in 2018 in McDonough, Georgia, and envisions a national network of 450 veteran communities that have many on-site amenities and services, with connections to and support from off-site organizations. Each community is a “base,” with clusters of living quarters serving individuals, families, and ADA-compliant units for people with disabilities. Each base also has a commissary, activity centers, and the capacity to serve residents as they age.

Mighty Hero Homes is the first non-government organization dedicated exclusively to providing scalable, permanent housing for all homeless veterans. Founder Drew Walston has been an athlete, executive and developer, and has long been concerned about veterans and homelessness. He has assembled of team, many of them veterans, with expertise in development, chaplaincy, and other specialties.

Its model is to have local businesses, churches, and other civic organizations sponsor each base resident, and provide van service to transport residents to off-base activities. Through these links with the broader community, residents can establish relationships and become a real part of the community through invitations to houses of worship, local events, meals, and other activities.

Raising $100 million qualifies Mighty Hero Homes to employ several strategies to expand and multiply the capital raised through matching programs, “Last Mile” grants, and other financial instruments. These programs provide Mighty Hero Homes the opportunity to raise up to $1.2 billion through various phases of the OPERATION Because They Deserve Better campaign, underwriting construction of up to 80 Bases and permanently housing up to 6,720 homeless veterans in planned communities with a full array of on-Base amenities and wraparound services.

More information about the campaign and becoming an ambassador is available here. Renderings of the planned bases and specially designed homes where veterans will live are available here: Our Story, Our Promise




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