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Deshawn Toney turns lights on for people.

Over the past few decades Deshawn has worked with several organizations throughout Central Ohio, spending much of her career in non-profit offering direct service to clients.  The common thread in her career has been helping people of greater barriers and lesser means find their way in the working world, and often finding themselves in the process.

Deshawn has been Fairfield County’s Deputy Director of Economic and Workforce Development for almost a year, with a focus on the Fairfield County Workforce Center. But on her own time, she has started multiple business ventures including Golden Flower Resumes.

Before starting with the county, Deshawn worked with Godman Guild, one of the few remaining settlement houses, serving mostly low-income families and job seekers near The Ohio State University.  As Deshawn built up her own résumé in the workforce-development field, she found herself becoming a specialist in writing résumés for others. Her expertise has lent itself to numerous organizations and community members. Earning her certification as a Professional Résumé Writer from PACCRW, Deshawn found her niche providing services to non-traditional workers who have never had a résumé or formal job description, much less a “career path”.

Deshawn met some of her most memorable clients while teaching Adult Basic Education and work readiness training. These are the people who smile when she switches on a metaphorical light bulb above their heads. “They have skills they didn’t realize,” Deshawn says, noting a lot of people in workforce training “do hair on the side, cook dinners, babysit, do nails, or cleaning. They’re usually in survival mode – just doing work to pay the bills. They don’t see themselves as having a profession.”

But the truth comes out when she asks them questions to develop a résumé. “I ask them, ‘How do you know what to charge? ‘How do you get clients?’ Then they realize they’re actually running a business for themselves.” Deshawn believes this knowledge breeds confidence in their abilities helping them to recognize new skills. “What I really enjoy in working with people on resumes is seeing them when their résumé is completed – they’re surprised how many things they can do,” she said.

A good résumé should reflect not just an applicant, but a person -- with experiences, tribulations, and aspirations. That applies to the people she’s worked with in the job-training world, as well as people already on a career path. “Résumé writing should be person-centered – you have to get to know the person, what they’re passionate about, and what kind of environment they want to work in and thrive in. Your résumé doesn’t show up at the job – you do,” she says. 

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When asked about one of her more memorable clients, Deshawn reflected back on one client a few years ago who spoke both English and Spanish, but never considered being an interpreter, never saw her knowledge as a marketable skill. She worked with her boyfriend cleaning houses. This was a business they ran independently, but only did it to pay bills. After having an in-depth conversation about her skills and receiving her newly crafted résumé, the client returned a few weeks later and informed Deshawn that she had just been hired as an interpreter. Looking to extend her client base, Deshawn continues to offer personalized résumé writing services that help people develop confidence in the way they see themselves and their skills.

Deshawn Toney has fourteen years of experience in Workforce Development and résumé writing. She holds a master’s degree in Adult Education and Training; Certified Professional Résumé Writer; Certified Employment Support Professional.

Web Chick recently updated the website for Golden Flower Resumes and is excited to support Deshawn’s personalized approach to résumé writing. 


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