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I am very excited to announce that we ( are changing our commerce platforms for our clients.

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We recommend visiting if you are looking to buy fishing lures. Web Chick has implemented a major overhaul of the online fishing-lure store which consists of 4,000 SKU's. It is now possible for Venom Lures to offer his clients express payment options such as PayPal, ApplePay, and Google Pay, (on your mobile device) but it can also accept orders with major credit cards. With these additional features, the website has become more user-friendly and provides a better e-commerce experience to clients.


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Today, online commerce platforms are faster and provide better quality service.

My experience with two other commerce platforms I previously used did not meet my expectations when it came to the design and checkout process. The platform we discovered provides our client with better service in order confirmations, and with tracking of order information. The overall platform experience allows us to provide better service to our clients and their users. With several years of experience, Venom Lures has been dedicated to serving the clients of professional anglers, professional staff anglers, and performance anglers. Venom Lures is one of the leading fishing-lure manufacturers in the world today, with over 100 dealers selling its fishing lures at retail stores in the US and Canada. Venom Lures' soft plastics, tackle terminal tackle, swag clothing displaying the Venom Lures logo has become a popular item among fishermen over the years.

We have added a new feature for choosing the color of the fish lures. Color swatches can be used to change the color of the main photo image that appears on the screen once the color of the swatch has been selected.


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It would be great to hear from you if you had a chance to check out and let us know what you think about this newly revamped platform for online fishing lures ordering online.


Written by
Crissy Devine, Web Chick
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