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It is our pleasure to announce that we are now working with Lifestyle Systems ( as one of our clients. The company offers custom shelf dividers, draw dividers, and file kit solutions that are suitable for use in the home, office, and in other applications. 

Their magnetic shelf dividers are easy to move and can be used on plastic, wood, glass or any other kind of shelf. The pharmacy shelf dividers are a major seller to pharmacies. The self-tape shelf dividers can be a semi-permanent fixture on any shelf surface.


magnetic shelf dividers in motion


The pharmaceutical industry uses dividers to separate the compartments for pill bottles and can be adjusted to accommodate different bottle sizes. Products from can be easily moved to achieve a desired width and to customize and organize your storage and sorting needs.

The File Kits also are perfect for organizing your home office and office drawers, accommodating the pharmacy in the home or office, or organizing your workspace. 

Whenever and wherever you need a shelf with dividers, these guys are the way to go. In addition to file-kit holders, they offer storage for your desk drawers, or for shoes, totes, and even pictures. The full-size carts are also available for multiple drawers to accommodate the needs of your office.

mobile cart
There is now a small drawer kit available for converting a small storage box into smaller sections that can be placed in a drawer for easy filing on a desk. The 90-inch Mega-File Kit is perfect for larger spaces, including a full sized file system to accommodate full drawers. These file kits also come with separate sections to store pencils, pens, paper clips, stamps, envelopes, and notepads, which creates a tidy system for those things that you might use around the office.

Drawer divider kits made of polystyrene and clear acrylic are two of the most popular dividers on the market, and are light-weight and can be fully customized. Whether you want to reorganize a cluttered drawer or to display your finest, this DIY customizable divider will inspire you.

The perfect compartment dividers for any vanity drawer to declutter your cosmetics and divide it into compartments for your make up brushes and other beauty equipment.


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Another use for drawer dividers can be found in hospital clinics and other medical facilities to save time and eliminate errors by organizing and separating drawers, in examining rooms, labs, and Pharmaceutical supply rooms.

medical office drawer

There are a number of drawer dividers available in black and white or clear acrylic, with a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

There is no wasted space! The many ways to customize these separators can create compartments of any size – even fitting mobile storage carts, chest tools, or plastic totes. 

The acrylic drawer divider is perfect for showcasing your collection. The see-through and acrylics dividers are ideal for fine jewelry or silver displays. A few years ago, Martha Stewart highlighted the dividers on her show.

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Any of the dividers mentioned above can be purchased at The Container Store or online at

The Lifestyle Systems company, with offices and a warehouse in California, is a US based manufacturer. A family-run company with three decades of experience providing high-quality drawer and shelf dividers, and serving many repeat customers who are looking for quality and organizing products. 

The products are durable, convenient, and functional. They meet the Lifestyle Systems philosophy that pharmaceutical organizations can be more efficient by meeting the needs of busy people. They to bring the best products at the best prices to the market. Feel free to ask for any assistance you may need on any divider or organization solution. Their customer support team will help you measure and order the correct dividers, shelf dividers, or file kits for your office, home, or business. 

Our client needed not only to launch the secure online store with express online payment options, but also start a YouTube channel. We (WebChick) created an animated video for them and helped them get set up.


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