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Little Brook Meadows is an elegant venue for weddings, reunions, corporate events and other gatherings. The former horse farm encompasses 50 acres of rolling hills, meadows and woods. This stunning central Ohio hidden gem is located just south of Lancaster. Originally it was part of the estate of the John Giesy family dating back to the late 1840's; the present structures were built in the late 1930's. The Southern Colonial style main house, while dramatic in its own right gives no indication of the spectacular interior which includes 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The over 8,000 square foot house can accommodate up to 20 overnight guests.


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The stately barn is strategically situated on a hill adjacent to the house. The venue offers space for a wedding celebration for both the ceremony and reception, or for a multi-purpose event. The barn with its 20 original stalls has been discreetly renovated with a prep-area for a licensed caterer provided by the host, ADA restrooms, a bridal suite, photo stall, kids stall and a bar where a certified bartender can serve host supplied alcohol. An event coordinator is provided as well as parking attendants. With the diversity of beautiful locations on the estate there are multiple sites for a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and boundless photographic opportunities. 

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The property was purchased in 2008 by Chris and Therese Ryckman who are no strangers to the Lancaster area, or the hospitality industry. For years, Therese owned and operated the popular Four Reasons Deli & Bakery in downtown Lancaster. In 2011 one of their daughters wanted to get married in the barn. Therese replied, “No way! Who gets married in a barn?” Daughters are often very persuasive, and her idea won out. The wedding was a huge success and it was obvious that the space had possibilities, and a new business was born! Both the house and the barn are available for your next event in one of the most unique locations in central Ohio and the Midwest.


Little Brook Meadows
Lancaster, Ohio



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It is our pleasure to announce that we are now working with Lifestyle Systems ( as one of our clients. The company offers custom shelf dividers, draw dividers, and file kit solutions that are suitable for use in the home, office, and in other applications. 

Their magnetic shelf dividers are easy to move and can be used on plastic, wood, glass or any other kind of shelf. The pharmacy shelf dividers are a major seller to pharmacies. The self-tape shelf dividers can be a semi-permanent fixture on any shelf surface.


magnetic shelf dividers in motion


The pharmaceutical industry uses dividers to separate the compartments for pill bottles and can be adjusted to accommodate different bottle sizes. Products from can be easily moved to achieve a desired width and to customize and organize your storage and sorting needs.

The File Kits also are perfect for organizing your home office and office drawers, accommodating the pharmacy in the home or office, or organizing your workspace. 

Whenever and wherever you need a shelf with dividers, these guys are the way to go. In addition to file-kit holders, they offer storage for your desk drawers, or for shoes, totes, and even pictures. The full-size carts are also available for multiple drawers to accommodate the needs of your office.

mobile cart
There is now a small drawer kit available for converting a small storage box into smaller sections that can be placed in a drawer for easy filing on a desk. The 90-inch Mega-File Kit is perfect for larger spaces, including a full sized file system to accommodate full drawers. These file kits also come with separate sections to store pencils, pens, paper clips, stamps, envelopes, and notepads, which creates a tidy system for those things that you might use around the office.

Drawer divider kits made of polystyrene and clear acrylic are two of the most popular dividers on the market, and are light-weight and can be fully customized. Whether you want to reorganize a cluttered drawer or to display your finest, this DIY customizable divider will inspire you.

The perfect compartment dividers for any vanity drawer to declutter your cosmetics and divide it into compartments for your make up brushes and other beauty equipment.


 website view of

Another use for drawer dividers can be found in hospital clinics and other medical facilities to save time and eliminate errors by organizing and separating drawers, in examining rooms, labs, and Pharmaceutical supply rooms.

medical office drawer

There are a number of drawer dividers available in black and white or clear acrylic, with a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

There is no wasted space! The many ways to customize these separators can create compartments of any size – even fitting mobile storage carts, chest tools, or plastic totes. 

The acrylic drawer divider is perfect for showcasing your collection. The see-through and acrylics dividers are ideal for fine jewelry or silver displays. A few years ago, Martha Stewart highlighted the dividers on her show.

drawer divider ad

Any of the dividers mentioned above can be purchased at The Container Store or online at

The Lifestyle Systems company, with offices and a warehouse in California, is a US based manufacturer. A family-run company with three decades of experience providing high-quality drawer and shelf dividers, and serving many repeat customers who are looking for quality and organizing products. 

The products are durable, convenient, and functional. They meet the Lifestyle Systems philosophy that pharmaceutical organizations can be more efficient by meeting the needs of busy people. They to bring the best products at the best prices to the market. Feel free to ask for any assistance you may need on any divider or organization solution. Their customer support team will help you measure and order the correct dividers, shelf dividers, or file kits for your office, home, or business. 

Our client needed not only to launch the secure online store with express online payment options, but also start a YouTube channel. We (WebChick) created an animated video for them and helped them get set up.


Story was written by Crissy Devine from Web Chick.
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Fairfield Growing book cover

Fairfield County has released an update of the Fairfield Growing local-food and agricultural economic development plan. Guided by a dozen farm and community leaders, the plan calls for investment in local processing and supply-chain infrastructure – which will create jobs, provide markets for locally produced farm products, and promote environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The 35-page report was produced for the county by Brian Williams of Local Nexus, with page-design donated by Crissy Devine of Web Chick.

A public release of the plan is scheduled on May 7 at the season-opening Lancaster Farmers Market, with a copy of the report and a swag bag given to the first 200 visitors. County Commissioner Jeff Fix, Lancaster Mayor David Scheffler, and others are among expected speakers at the event. With participation from many farmers, local government officials, and civic organizations such at the Chamber of Commerce and Visit Fairfield County, the plan seeks to make agriculture a prominent and visible part of the regional economy.


I am very excited to announce that we ( are changing our commerce platforms for our clients.

venom lures ad

We recommend visiting if you are looking to buy fishing lures. Web Chick has implemented a major overhaul of the online fishing-lure store which consists of 4,000 SKU's. It is now possible for Venom Lures to offer his clients express payment options such as PayPal, ApplePay, and Google Pay, (on your mobile device) but it can also accept orders with major credit cards. With these additional features, the website has become more user-friendly and provides a better e-commerce experience to clients.


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Today, online commerce platforms are faster and provide better quality service.

My experience with two other commerce platforms I previously used did not meet my expectations when it came to the design and checkout process. The platform we discovered provides our client with better service in order confirmations, and with tracking of order information. The overall platform experience allows us to provide better service to our clients and their users. With several years of experience, Venom Lures has been dedicated to serving the clients of professional anglers, professional staff anglers, and performance anglers. Venom Lures is one of the leading fishing-lure manufacturers in the world today, with over 100 dealers selling its fishing lures at retail stores in the US and Canada. Venom Lures' soft plastics, tackle terminal tackle, swag clothing displaying the Venom Lures logo has become a popular item among fishermen over the years.

We have added a new feature for choosing the color of the fish lures. Color swatches can be used to change the color of the main photo image that appears on the screen once the color of the swatch has been selected.


grubs ordering

It would be great to hear from you if you had a chance to check out and let us know what you think about this newly revamped platform for online fishing lures ordering online.


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We are happy to announce that "World's Largest Diaper Drive", a client of ours, launched their campaign the first week in May. They have set a target of donating 2 million diapers in one week.

worlds largest diaper drive logo

Seven large diaper banks in Ohio, and five in Minnesota, are participating in the Week of Giving campaign May 2 through May 7, along with various other Central Ohio business locations that offer diaper-drop-off services. Businesses and agencies around Ohio are participating in this campaign, including some in Chillicothe, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Frankfort, Gahanna, Grove City, Groveport, Hilliard, Johnstown, Lancaster, Lithopolis, Logan, Mount Vernon, New Albany, Newark, Otway, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, Wellston, Westerville, Whitehall, and Worthington. As part of the World's Largest Diaper Bank campaign, the World's Largest Diaper Bank team worked hard to find locations that were convenient for everyone to drop off diapers. Please visit to find out how you can donate online and where you can drop off diapers.

Diaper Banks have donated a range of giving resources for this initiative.

You can donate online here:

You can drop off diapers at the following locations:

You can donate diapers to the event by purchasing them from Amazon:

Please consider becoming a sponsor



On May 13, another client will be holding a donation drive called "No-Show Gala."

gala event ad

It is worth mentioning that Fairfield County 2-1-1 is now collecting donations for the campaign.

Also, you can visit the "Giving Tree" where you can view local businesses and individuals who have donated to the organization.

You can contribute to this cause simply by going online and making a donation to the absentee No-Show Gala at As their campaign slogan says, "No Show Gala" means you don't need to leave your house or change any of your lives for Fairfield County families in need. You can simply make a donation for this cause by going online.

giving tree ad

The Giving Tree, which is animated with donation cards displayed on the leaves when you mouse over the donation card appears, was designed and donated by me (WebChick) for a fundraising event. Due to the small size of the tree, the mobile version of the giving tree provides the user with a visual slideshow since the tree would be too small to reveal the cards.



Written by
Crissy Devine
At Web Chick® we specialize in providing website designs to help our local businesses and individuals discover and expand into the area of interactive online presence or to improve their existing websites.
Visit our web design portfolio section of our latest design work.